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Secamax Shammy
Secamax Shammy
Secamax Shammy
Secamax Shammy
Secamax Shammy
Secamax Shammy

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Secamax Shammy



Absorbe mas with Secamax! The super absorbent Secamax Shammy (Frazada) is a multipurpose cleaning cloth great for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, cars, and more. Arm yourself for tough washing and cleaning jobs that need high absorbency with the strong and lint free Secamax shammy. Excellent as a mop cloth for tile and wood floors! Made in Germany. 20'' x 27''.

Consisting of Lenzing fibres which are naturally pure and absorbent like the cellulose from which they are derived. The wood for the production of Lenzing fibers is derived from certified forests.

Our shammies have got a water absorbency rate of 700 %. They can absorb a huge amount of moisture and are usable anywhere.

  • can be used anywhere
  • super absorbent
  • excellent dirt absorption
  • streak-free and spotless cleaning
  • durable



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